Saturday, May 1, 2010

Immigrants Present! May 1st The Voice of The People

More than 3,000 people in support of immigrants marched from the city of Everett to East Boston.

Chanting the slogans, "Obama listen, the town is in the struggle! Latinos in Arizona, the world is with you!" Immigrant communities and supporters said, Present! Making their just indignation felt and shouting condemnations of the absurd law recently passed in Arizona criminalizing undocumented immigrants as well as, the right to harass thousands of Latino residents just for,"suspicion," that they may be undocumented.

The march was diverse, and included: women, men, children, whites, blacks, Asians and Latinos, individuals and families, as well as community groups.

A point of great rejoicing was when union SEIU Local 615 made its arrival in the plaza of the City of Chelsea, where several hundred were waiting in expectation for the advancing march originating from the City of Everett.

Marchers cheered the trade unionists and they were greeted with slogans of brotherhood such as, "The workers' struggle has no borders! Long live May Day!"

The organizers of the march urged that this is in an important moment where we must continue demanding permanent residence, and end to raids, deportations and aggression against immigrant families.
The march was organized by the main pro-immigrant organizations in Boston, Massachusetts

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